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Things are becoming different now; the climate is changing. More genies are being let out of more and more plastic bottles. Evolution is unfolding in shocking ways as life is made to adapt to our aggressive agency. This process is often reflected in unsettling juxtapositions—the geese in the mall parking lot or the polar bear at the dump. The natural horror of unchecked expansion is afoot.

My paintings are small dramas set in the coming unrecognizable. The sky radiates light in new colors. Structures and artifacts of our ritualized and defunct economy muddle the terrain. In this twilight world, nature is sometimes presented as a remnant, or as an unbalanced plague forced into an unfunctioning ecology. Jilted, remaining after the end times, a human presence is focally staged, highlighted as if under some supernatural scrutiny. The pulpy and flawed figures perform meaningless gestures, tossed about, unable to recoup any meaningful statement amidst the din. This work embodies a fantastic recognition of the unsustainable now.

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